Friday, December 14, 2007

Final project

Physical display unit Sunghun Kim, William McDonald , Matt Parker

Make unique display unit instead of monitor or projector.
Monitor and projector is 2D screen -> Let’s make 3D screen!
What kind of data can we use? Just make a 3D mirror?
But mirror system is so old idea. That’s why we chose depth data from website.

While design about 3D monitor, we had to change plan 3D to 2D screen because our ideas were based on motors. And motors are expensive and hard to control many motors at a same time.
We try to make system use stepper motors. Stepper motors are cheap and we can control specific position like servo motors. But our stepper motors were too weak to moving something.

Create a 2D physical display unit use some kinds of data or interaction movement by users.

Here is Matt’s document about mechanism.

1. Use servo motors -> Use stepper motors.
- Stepper motor is cheap and easy to control.
Use stepper motors.-> Use servo motors
- Our stepper motors were too weak.
2. Movement
We designed 4 kinds of mechanism.
- Nuts and Bolt system : too slow
- Winch system – hard to control.
- Gear system – hard to design and build.
- Piston system – Difficult to keep circular force from jamming the cechanism
- Gravity Piston system – Easy to make and fix.

This is William’s blog.

In regard to feeding this data into the servo motor array - we decided to use four Arduino microprocessors connected via USB to the computer running the software application; with each Arduino effectively controlling five servos:


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007


Elevator Previsualizer

my Group

Sunghun Kim
Ardunio Programmer, Designer, Builder

William McDonald
Graphics/Software Programmer, Arduino Programmer

Petra Farinha
Designer, Builder

This work is for waiting people in font of elevator.

Crank system
people can chage their own view by ternning crank.

Projector blocking system.
When elevator door open, the black blocker block light of projector.
This is for preventing the light from blinding people getting on/off the elevator.
door close door open




Sensors, webcamera projector and image test

Elevator Observation

Petra's vodieo.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Projection Test

Projection Test

Test about installation location and color.